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14 July 2006

Hey everyone!

Well it has certainly been quite a while since I last updated. I am sorry to say that I have missed June and July's 12 of 12 posts. While it is ultimately my fault for not keeping up with it, I have to let Blogger share the blame. I had June's post ready to go on June 12th. On time. With pictures and captions and everything. I even had the bonus picture done. But when I went to upload all the pictures, Blogger was being retarded and wouldn't allow me to upload the pictures. So there's the excuse for June. I have no excuse for July. I was still annoyed with Blogger and decided to boycott. I promise next month I will do my 12 of 12 on time.

Moving on, I went to orientation at GA Tech. Oh my goodness I am so excited about college! There were so many awesome things we got to see! I met a lot of really cool people, freshmen and upperclassmen alike, and I got to see like a bajillion student activities I can participate in. I am really going to have to learn how to do the time management thing. I saw at least 25 things I wanted to join. There was this really cool exhibit that showed 150 student organizations and people kept trying you to join everything. I exercised A LOT of self control and only signed up for one: College Republicans. And I happened to sign up for it with my very liberal Republican hating friend standing right next to me. So I had to, in turn, go with him to sign up for College Democrats. It was fun.

I also tried out for the GT Marching Band's colorguard. Colorguard is the only thing I haven't done in marching band, so I figured now would be as good a time as any to try it out. And I made it! Band camp is the week before school starts. Those practices are going to be.....ugh.....fun. 10 AM to 10 PM. Joyous. But at least I get to go to most of the away games for free. The GT Athletic Association pays for transportation, housing, and gives us a daily stipend for eating. We actually travel with the football team. How exciting to be part of a band that is appreciated and taken care of by the school's athletic association. It really is a nice change of pace. And the super exciting news about band is.......AUSTRALIA in May of 2007! Yep that's right. A 10 day tour of Australia, including a performance with the Sydney Symphonic Band. I can't wait!

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm going to try to keep this thing updated regularly while I'm at college so everyone can see what's going on!

♥, vicky

13 May 2006

12 on 12....I know it's late :(

8:45 AM - Running some errands and this wonderful citizen decides he's going to block traffic for 10 minutes so he can pull into a store front parking spot. Sheesh.
10:15 AM - Finished running errands and sat in on Dr. Garner's Multivariable Calculus Class. Today's lesson was integrals of complex functions. Thank goodness I'm not in this class!
12:35 PM - Went and watched a rehearsal of the Drama Production's Antigone. They are so incredibly awesome!
1:45 PM - Off to computer science. As you can see, senioritis has hit, and there is pretty much no one in class anymore.
1: 50 PM - Our baseball team is on their way to playoffs. In celebration of this, all the guys shaved their hair into faux-hawks. John looks pretty good!
2:00 PM - Poor Zack. He was trying to be smooth and play basketball, and instead he broke his finger.
3:50 PM - On my way home with Jonathan & Christy. Some incredibly intelligent people decided to spot pave the road in Lake Capri. Morons.
7:30ish - The band banquet!
Me & Christy!!
Emo kid!
Me & Mannly!
Me & Mr. Funderburk!
Bonus Self-Portrait:
The shirt says I *heart* nerds.

30 April 2006

Welcome To My High School

I really have no energy to post 14 hundred pictures tonight, so I will post one that inspires very deep thinking. The following picture is of a bulletin board that is located right outside of our cafeteria. Everyone sees it. Students and faculty alike.
Happy Mother's Day!!

After a close examination of the bulletin board, it was discovered that this message was not a result of vandalism. Nobody removed the "ur" from "your." There was no evidence of holes in the paper from a staple. It was really intended to read "Respect Yo Mama."

I am so amazed.

25 April 2006

Woo hoo!

Current Mood: Blah.
So the last few days have been exciting. I've been around Conyers a couple of times. Here's some evidence of my adventures.

We registered to vote!!

We finally got our graduation gowns!

I got fingerprinted by Conyers PD!!!

And The Secret Garden is going really really well! These are obviously the three hottest Catholics in the musical!

20 April 2006

Feliz Cumpleanos! (pretend the ~ is there)

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Happy Birthday Achi!!!

If I could sing over this blog, I would. But I can't so I won't. I hope you have fun today.....because you're getting old!!

16 April 2006


Current Mood: Accomplished.
A Marine Corps colored template.....how cool!! Anyways, it is 3:15 in the morning and I have finished manipulating this template for the moment. I will continue later, when I'm not so exhausted.

I've added lots of cool little things around the blog. Long hours spent slaving away at modifying code, well spent I think.

15 April 2006

long overdue update

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So much to update on. I'm sorry that I have not kept up with this thing.

It's official! I have my braces off. Now I'm left to long days with retainers that make me pronounce "Miththipi" instead of "Mississippi." And yes, that is Orlando Bloom, my close and personal friend. So close, in fact, that I have his picture in my bathroom.

The Secret Garden opens in 4 days. In honor of this, the cast has decided to employ moving billboards as our advertising for the show. We all painted the show dates on our cars and our character names on the driver windows.

What is this I see? Could it be 1st Lieutenant Johnson? Why yes! That would be it. And kudos to Kayla who got promoted to Major! (This means I get saluted now....it does wonders for my ego!)

Our Life Teen Spring Retreat was like 2 weeks ago. Super coolness, especially since this was my last one. Here are the remaining seniors of Life Teen!

And a bunch of other amazing pictures from that retreat!


Ninjas! Vanish!

We camped out for a week. And watched scary movies. And gained like 400 pounds from all the garbage we ate.

Yay for Ryan! He got his Eagle Scout this week!! Along with John, Brandon, and David, but we went for Ryan. There was an entire cheering section for him with like a bajillion people from school.

Yay for Baker!! He got Confirmed into the Catholic Church tonight!